Free Download 100+ Afrobeat MIDI Chord Pack

Free Download 100+ Afrobeat MIDI Chord Pack

Our "Afrobeat MIDI Chord Pack" is the perfect solution for Afrobeat Producers looking to add a touch of Authentic African flavor to their music. With over 100+ MIDI that are totally 100% Royalty Free. You can never go wrong with any selection. 

Whether you produce AfroPop, AfroTrap, Reggaeton, Afro Soul, or Afro R&B, this collection of MIDI files will provide you with the inspiration you need to create memorable Melodies and enchanting Chords.

Our team of talented Pianists have spent countless hours carefully crafting the best Afrobeat melodies to bring you that rich African feel. This insane collection of MIDI files is sure to take your productions to the next level.

So if you're looking to add that extra something to your music, look no further than our "Afrobeat MIDI Chord Pack" We are confident that you will love it.



             Free Download Here

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