Free Download - Afrobanger Producer Pack Vol.3 [Gold Edition] BETA PACK + BEAT CONTEST

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The Complete Afrobeat Sample Pack 

The Afro-Banger Vol. 3 Golden Edition is an enormous collection of our greatest and hardest hitting loops.

We put our team together to make the most exceptional sample pack we have ever created in history. The Afro-Banger Vol. 3 Golden Edition is very much unlike the predecessors (Afro-Banger Vol 1&2).

We take pleasure in the fact that this is a monstrous pack that any producer would ever need to make the quality Industry type standard beat. The pack has everything you need with Premium Drum loops, professionally recorded Guitar Samples, Placement Ready Melodies, Inspiring Vox and chops, top-notch Drum one-shots and not to even talk about the numerous Bonuses that are attached to getting the pack.

The Afro-Banger Vol 3 Golden Edition is so much like having an ocean of sample libraries ready to fit into any type of track you would want to create.

The licensing rights you would enjoy with the Afrobanger Afrobeat Producer Sample Pack Vol. 3 Golden Edition includes;

  •  Streaming on sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and SoundCloud
  • Beat lease sales on Airbit, Beatstars, Soundee etc.
  • Placements with Artists and Labels
  • 100% royalty-free on all the samples.

 You can get a glimpse of how glorious the sounds from the Premium version of the Afrobanger Vol. 3 Gold Edition would be with the Afrobanger Vol. 3 Gold Edition Beta Pack. A tiny preview of all the goodies that are locked  in the Full Pack

The Beta Pack contains over 150+ loops and over 1GB worth of samples and loops. There are a lot of things you can do to the samples that are in the Beta Pack.

And now, you can get a Free taste of the Free Afrobanger Vol. 3 Golden Edition.

What’s inside the AfroBanger Vol. 3 Golden Edition?

  • Afrobanger Drum Loops Collection

  • Afrobanger Melody Loops Collection
  • Afrobanger Guitar Loops Collection
  • Afrobanger Percussion Loops Collection
  • Afrobanger Drum Rolls & Fills Collection
  • Afrobanger One Shot Collection
  • Afrobanger Vox Collection
  • Afrobanger MIDI Melody Collection
  • Afrobanger Talking Drums Collection
  • Afrobeat Producers $50 Gift Card
  • BONUS* Afrobeat Producers Vocal Mixing Presets
  • BONUS* Music Producers Money Secret
  • BONUS* Afrobeat Artists Cartoon Artworks
  • BONUS* Afrobeat Project Files

Because we want you to get awesome results with no cost on your end we are giving you all this for Free right now. However, this is a Free Demo Version and we saved the best juices in the Full Version. 


                Download Here

               Full Version Download Here

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