Free Download Afrobeats Guitar Loops

Free Download Afrobeats Guitar Loops

Infuse your music production with vibrant, and energetic lively afrobeats guitar melodies. 

The success of top Afrobeats producers lies in their ability to blend traditional African rhythms with modern sounds and the guitar has played a pivotal role in this Sonic fusion.

Our Free Afrobeats Guitar Melody Loops effortlessly embodies this fusion allowing you to create tracks that seamlessly blend different elements of Afrobeats.

With over 23+ guitar melody loops in different keys and tempos, allowing you to create your own unique sound.

Stems for each melody are included as well, making each loop easy to customize and flip in endless ways - change the tempo, adjust the pitch, chop it up and rearrange it, or just drop it in as-is.

Best Part, It's absolutely free if you're a ViAP member!  

What's included

  • 100+ Guitar Melody Individual loops
  • 23+ Guitar Loops
  • 100% Royalty Free 

Total size: 1.4GB (Unzipped)



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